"Other photography captures just a moment. Luminism is the only way to capture what - just right - could be."

atlanta from jackson street bridge

Michael James Slattery
Artist and Owner
Luminous Views
1815 5th Avenue 
San Diego, CA 92101

Luminist Photography Artist Releases Images from 2015 Cross Country Trip

(San Diego, CA)––(08/14/2017) San Diego local photography artist completes cross-country photographic journey to document untold stories and scenery of Americana. This is his tenth image from his trip. With the artist’s famous luminism photo blending technique - atlanta from jackson street bridge - is now being released to the public.

Michael's journey began in November 2015, when he left his hometown of San Diego and began driving his big box van cross country in an effort to capture parts of America in an entirely new and exciting way through his patented style of luminism photography. 

"Photography on this bridge is most popular.  I have never met so many folks with cameras shooting from a location like this."  Michael remembers of this Atlantic City icon.

Slattery’s next image from his eight week trip is set to debut in the coming week. This trip features images from Albuquerque, New York CIty, North Carolina Outer Banks, Atlanta, New Orleans and ending in Texas. To preview or purchase pieces from the artist’s tenth stop at the Jackson Street Bridge, individuals are encouraged to visit this link: https://luminous-views.com/products/atlanta-from-jackson-street-bridge

About the Artist:

Michael James Slattery is a San Diego-based photography artist who specializes in Luminism Photography. It was in 2008 he shared his first prints at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market. He has since sold over 6,000 pieces to date through local art shows and online sales.

Slattery opened his first gallery in 2013, Luminous Views Gallery There he creates his fine art prints in-studio and designs and builds his own custom frames.

His passion for his work is to show how concrete, asphalt, wood, paint, plastic and glass we use to create our societies are just as important as the trees, mountains, dirt and seascapes that we place ourselves among.

For media inquiries regarding Luminous Views Gallery, individuals are encouraged to contact artist and owner, Michael James Slattery directly at 619-231-9061 or via email sales@luminous-views.com. To learn more about the artist or his gallery, please visit: www.lumious-views.com. 

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