Crave places you remember well


Michael James Slattery at work   I am Michael James Slattery.  Thank you for visiting my site.

The ultimate goal of my work is to show how the concrete, asphalt, wood, paint, plastic and glass we use to create our societies are just as important as the trees, mountains, dirt and seascapes that we place them among.  If I can adjust just one perspective to see this I have accomplished my goal.

Regardless of my intentions many ask, "How do you manufacture these images?"

Well it's based on a tripod, old camera capturing techniques, traditional darkroom manipulation, a painters blend of a small palette of colors to create many colors, remarkable light capturing technology and archival printing methods.

As famous painters and photographers have captured the beauty of dusk and dawn forever my work is a combination of many techniques that captivate the dynamic range of our minds eye and celebrate the light in our surroundings.

  • Local publisher Ron James wrote an article which won many first place journalist awards. It's a better bio than I could write. Click Here to read it.
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  • For a cool video made by pros that make me look signifigant watch this video below

  • To get a better grasp of how I create these works watch the video below

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