"Other photography captures just a moment. Luminism is the only way to capture what - just right - could be."

under scripps pier again

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Twice a year, in the early days of August and May, the sun graciously aligns its descent with Scripps Pier, setting perfectly down the middle. I have endeavored to capture the unique moment two times now.

I decided to position myself as far back amidst the crowd to take in the change in number of people from my experience capturing this event a decade earlier. I wanted to make sure I utilized my Luminism technique to blend the entirety of what was happening against the setting sun.

I was absorbed in the serenity and density of people with their emotions as the moment came and passed. What was most significant to me was the different colors in the sky once it started to rain; just after the sunset and everyone left. The dedication of the time it takes to make these images pays off as the resulting image very much portrays moments of calm amid life's commotion.

I hope my work goes beyond mere images. I hope they serve as windows to fleeting tranquility, inviting viewers to share in the same serenity we experience with one another. I want my work to stand as reminders of the beauty inherent in life’s simplest of moments, waiting to be seized through the lens of passion and purpose.

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