83 floors above bangkok
83 floors above bangkok 83 floors above bangkok 83 floors above bangkok 83 floors above bangkok
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This image was captured on my 2007 South Pacific trip. Again I was on a journey to see things I have never seen and do things I never have done.

I started with a trip around both islands in New Zealand I then flew to Thailand drove on through Malaysia and found my way down to visit an ex-pat friend in the heart of Singapore. There were so many places I went to that without pictures I probably would have forgotten half my trip.

I had been in Bangkok a few days when I captured this. Amazing and almost unbelievable place.

I chipped a tooth (it was on candy during Halloween) and had it repaired here for the cost of two tanks of gas back home. Knowing that the value of my dollar was so high was great and made the fee for getting to the top floor of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel more than worth the investment.

The thing about this place that struck me so hard was the density of the population and how I felt threats were so far away. Mighta had something to do with me being almost a head taller than most but I know it had more to do with the culture there.

83 floors above bangkok

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