coronado bridge
coronado bridge coronado bridge coronado bridge coronado bridge
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The Coronado Bridge construction started in February 1967. I was born three months later.

The orthotropic design used in the 2.12-mile long bridge originated in Germany during World War II in the construction of battleships. The structure uses the world's longest continuous box girder to conceal the braces, joints, and stiffeners normally visible in other bridges providing a vertical clearance of 200 feet over the shipping channels, and giving the exterior a sleek, smooth appearance. The 90-degree turn mid-span serves to make the bridge long enough to achieve a 4.67 percent grade, allowing the bridge enough height to clear an empty aircraft carrier. It’s a sight.

Riding over the top of this structure and taking a look down on the city reminds me how I wish I could do a Luminous View from the top.

Shooting both the city and the bridge from this angle came to me on behalf of friends deciding we should take the long way down the Silver Strand to Imperial Beach to surf. I could spend the rest of my life here and never stop finding something new.
coronado bridge

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