Crave places you remember well
from coronado island
from coronado island
from coronado island

from coronado island

I could talk about how one of my jobs during school was shooting tourists going on harbor excursions in the bay or the significant times I have shared on this ferry boat.

Funny enough those times just like now are ones that mark certain changes that the littlest decisions you make will set a course along a path you never thought you would go.

Things are good with the sales of prints at local farmers markets. Much better than expected as the past two years of online promotion proved only educational on how to get a job as a web developer. I am doing my first large crafts fair (much bigger investment) on June 7th & 8th in Solona Beach.

Bottomline, I love what people say when they see the work. I just hope I can continue to earn that appreciation.

from coronado island

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