Crave places you remember well
from my roof again
from my roof again
from my roof again

from my roof again

I had been back from Europe for less than two months when I shot this.  I have been shooting weddings all year (not season) long, working my rear off getting the web site going and maintaining regular clients. It took me nine months to get to creating this final image.

It feels like things take forever sometimes.  I really want to spend more time doing these images but duty calls.  

When and if the day comes that my duty is just creating these images I hope it will be for the right reasons.  I dunno but the idea of selling images I shoot - just because I want to - is fragile to me.  I don’t wanna break it.

from my roof again

 (over 10% sold) 750 editions

 (over 10% sold) 300 editions

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