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In Leucadia the beaches are located below steep vertical cliffs lending them a relative seclusion. Unless you know where the few steep stair steps are. Grandview is the one most furthest north.

In 1848 California became a state, land was available through the Homestead Act, and a few pioneers began settling in the Encinitas area around 1875. This was long before surfing or just hanging out at the beach became popular activities.

The name Leucadia is of Greek origin as its namesake. The founding of the community is often attributed to English spiritualists seeking freedom of worship. Early in the community's history Leucadia and its streets were given Roman-Greco names of which include: Hymettus, Neptune, Phoebe, Daphne.

During the Roaring Twenties, Leucadia remained true to it’s name, a ‘place of refuge’, for folks from the Los Angeles area, especially Hollywood. Zane Grey and Charlie Chaplin, among others, built homes on Neptune.

Being here to capture this image during an overcast dusk, during a decent surf swell, really brought the idea home of how special the coastline of North County is.


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