khao sok huts
khao sok huts khao sok huts khao sok huts khao sok huts
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This image was captured on my 2007 South Pacific trip. I was on a journey to see things I have never seen and do things I never have done.

I started with a trip around both islands in New Zealand I then flew to Thailand drove on through Malaysia and found my way down to visit an ex-pat friend in the heart of Singapore. There were so many places I went to that without pictures I probably would have forgotten half my trip.

The train from Bangkok stopped at Surat Thani a coupla hours late. We had a small breakfast on a ’street’ - not sidewalk - side restaurant and jumped into the back of 2wo pickups. They each had a canopy cover and a bench on either side of the bed walls. The ride offered the most incredible view of a ride through… I can only describe this place like the thick jungles of the scenes in those Vietnam War movies. Incredible.

I stayed at a place called Morning Mist Resort. It was close to an even more magical place called Lake Rajjaphapa in Khao Sok National Forest that had floating huts and an awesome meal like I have never had - back to the image...

My first evening there I was feeling invigorated by the density of plants and atmosphere. So I ventured out to ultimately what would be down the street from my Villa. I wanted to make sure to try to capture the feel of the such a different place. Just pointing at a neighbors residence was all it took.

khao sok huts

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