liberty park path
liberty park path liberty park path liberty park path liberty park path
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In December of 2015 I took my box van across country. I always dreamed of shooting New York City and I actually failed in this attempted trip a few years earlier. So you can guess I was excited. Funny thing was after the trip I wished I stopped at places I would have never thought of.

So from Amarillo TX to Liberty Park NJ I pretty much drove straight through. Do not remember much about the six days and half dozen places I raced by in order to get to NYC. But one thing I do know is I want to spend much more time in these places.
The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal is a historic landmark that stands off in the distance here at Liberty Park. Of the 12-17 million immigrants that passed through Ellis Island’s Great Hall between 1892 and 1954, approximately two-thirds of these courageous newcomers started their new lives via the CRRNJ Terminal.

I was really lucky to be able to stay so close to the park and NYC with my large vehicle.
liberty park path

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