on oceanside pier
on oceanside pier on oceanside pier on oceanside pier on oceanside pier
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This is my second shot of this same pier as a subject.

The only thing I can say that I did not cover in the brochure of the first is that this pier is about 20 feet shorter than the Ocean Beach Pier (which is the longest concrete pier on the Pacific west coast). So this makes the Ocean side pier pretty much the longest wooden pier on the west coast of the U.S.

More importantly I have achieved something that is subtle to most but a tremendous accomplishment to me. It is the light bulbs. I have always seen them like the ones I have accomplished in this image. Even if I never get this kind of light from a light again it sure was awesome to pull off.

Unlike the effect of people ghosted in my work being a happy accident this was done with many efforts and intent toward this look.

How ever my work comes about I will continue the quest to succeed at finding what does not work in order to find the few gems that do work.
on oceanside pier

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