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les girls les girls les girls les girls
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Change is inevitable.

After six years I moved out of my first gallery work space downtown. Now the manufacturing is in a more appropriate warehouse. Right down the street from this 50 year old neon laden landmark of San Diego

This is the sight of the first business one sees pulling onto the one way round about street named Hancock St. where all my work will be created for the near future.

Before my time this area pretty much catered to the service men of the US Navy. I have a friend who grew up in this area during the 40’s and 50’s (shucks he is still growing up if you ask me) and he says it used to be called Frontierland. As a kid I remember visiting this area to eat at Bob’s Big Boy on Sports Arena Blvd and going to one of the two drive in theaters on Midway Dr. with my Mom, brothers and friends. I even remember being in my first car accident in this area. This area has always been an area of commerce for San Diego.

The reason I captured this business is I know it will be gone soon. It is one of the few businesses I have not seen change in near 50 years. Change can be good but to me memories are what makes us effective.

les girls

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