In our search we all strive for identity - to find what is unique about us. In my quest, one of my biggest strengths proved to be a weakness. That path lead to this current work.

A large part of what drove me at the start was my envy of perfected techniques. When I saw photographs that captured my eye - and that questioned how I see my world represented in light - I would dive into figuring out how it was done and do it myself. Hence why I did well. Even if the photographer around the corner did the same thing too. I just would do it with less. It kept me busy. But this wore thin on giving back the reason I was doing it.

Close to a decade into running my commercial studio, I hit the wall hard. I guess you could say I lost sight of where I needed to be going. I took a long look, asked a bunch of questions and learned to breath.

I then found this technique.

One I will try to perfect for all my years to come. Combining the endless hours of failed captures for a few blinks of answers in light.

To create work I find to be so much of what so many things in my life have come to be. We always have so much to be grateful for. I really hope you enjoy these images.