from west palm street bridge
from west palm street bridge from west palm street bridge from west palm street bridge from west palm street bridge

In my home town San Diego, the West Palm Street Bridge, quietly stands amidst the city's rhythm. Often overlooked, this unassuming structure provides a discreet vantage point, framing a view of the city's pulse. Gazing down the 5 freeway from the bridge unveils a living canvas of perpetual motion. A spectacle that can be overlooked by many.

My intentional framing through the perfect placed hole in the fence invites observers into a scene where the movement of the city is distilled into a singular, original experience. Here, ghosts of memories linger — echoes of cars passing on the freeway and airplanes coming in to land. These fleeting moments add depth to the ordinary, transforming the view from the bridge into a conduit for the city's stories.

Above the freeway, the landing path of San Diego International Airport adds a surreal layer to the composition. The dance between grounded highways and soaring planes creates a unique harmony. This work challenges viewers to see the familiar with fresh eyes, finding beauty in the unnoticed.

This journey into the unseen is prompting reflection on the unnoticed beauty within daily life. From West Palm Street Bridge, with its unassuming grandeur, becomes a symbol of undiscovered treasures within the city's fabric, where the whispers of memories linger.

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from west palm street bridge


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