petronas twin towers
petronas twin towers petronas twin towers petronas twin towers petronas twin towers
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Kuala Lumpur is an incredibly modern South Asian city with the one of the most incredible structures in the world. The Petronas Twin Towers.

The Petronas Towers were completed in 1998 after a seven year build and became the tallest buildings in the world on the date of completion. Because of the depth of the bedrock, the buildings were built on the world's deepest foundations. The 120-meter foundations were built within 12 months, and required massive amounts of concrete.

The 88-floor towers are constructed largely of reinforced concrete, with a steel and glass facade designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art, a reflection of Malaysia's Muslim religion. Due to a lack of steel and the huge cost of importing steel, the towers were constructed on a cheaper radical design of super high-strength reinforced concrete. High-strength concrete is a material familiar to Asian contractors and twice as effective as steel in sway reduction; however, it makes the building twice as heavy on its foundation than a comparable steel building.

petronas twin towers

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