Crave places you remember well
bridge to the museum of man
bridge to the museum of man
bridge to the museum of man

bridge to the museum of man

Not having a clue as what to expect from an overcast sky I set to capture a bridge I knew was about to be renovated.  The Laurel Street Bridge - better know as the Cabrillo Bridge - that on April 13, 1914 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then Assistant Secretary of the Navy, was driven across for the Panama-California Exposition.

It is a great structure that many do not notice when visiting Balboa Park.  As it passed into evening my outlook on what to expect from my first attempt under a cloudy sky was not too optimistic.

When I actually sat to create this it was during a time I was putting myself out for the opportunity to be accepted.  What this means is not too much more than sometimes
in order for us to become who we want to be we may have to cross places that may not be so great.  But I think you can always change how you see it, especially if you really know what you want.

bridge to the museum of man

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