under o.b. pier
under o.b. pier under o.b. pier under o.b. pier under o.b. pier
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The intoxicating perspective of the view created under a pier is very popular. The O.B. Fishing Pier is often an irresistible attraction and a great place for a sightseeing trip, where you can get new awareness of the world around us.

First opened in 1966. At 1,971 feet, it’s the second longest pier on the West Coast and the longest concrete pier in the world. Piers are traditionally built from the ocean inward. But due to Ocean Beach’s rough surf, its pier was built from the shore out. During construction, tsunami waves originating from an earthquake near Japan wiped out three concrete piles and nearly toppled a crane. To accommodate future large waves, a slight vertical incline was added to the pier’s original profile.

Seven thousand people attended the opening day festivities; today 500,000 people visit every year. California Governor Pat Brown cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony and made the first cast off the pier; but he didn’t catch anything. The first three catches made from the pier were an 8-inch perch, a gray shark and a crab!

under o.b. pier

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