"Other photography captures just a moment. Luminism is the only way to capture what - just right - could be."

Preserving the Uniqueness of an Architectural Masterpiece

The "Bridge of the Museum of Man" canvas print

Sometimes we hear or read in media that Photography has become an art. That thru the XXI century, this activity has developed from a scientific investigation to a job, a hobby and later on a profession. This statement could not be more wrong, since there are so many aspects of it that involve not only a true knowledge of visual composition and camera operation, but also the most important thing of all: The image´s soul. It is thru the eye of the photographer that a true masterpiece emerges from what normal people fail to appreciate in their daily commute. And that is precisely what Michael James Slattery does – he unveils art.

"Other photographers capture a moment. I am the only photographer who captures what - just right - could be". This is the premise on which Michael´s website opens, as visitors immerse themselves in The Luminous Views Gallery. Founded in 2013, the gallery represents the latest milestone in his career, which officially started back in 1993 when he discovered the root of what would become his signature technique.

Located in near the most south west end of Balboa Park, the Luminous Views Gallery has become an iconic place for those who enjoy Fine Art Landscape Photography at its best. Slaterry´s prints reflect what many might call "a unique and groundbreaking" technique that perfectly merges a visual composition with key elements in lighting that are only perceived at the exact moment. 

His pieces "Bridge to the Museum of Man" depicts the Laurel Street Bridge (or the Cabrillo Bridge) from an overcast sky in its untouched form – something that has become very valuable due to the renovation that has taken place. It is a structure located in Balboa Park which does not get noticed often by everyone. That particular night the conditions were not favorable, but Michael set up to capture what no other could – or even failed to admire. 

These places, which might not seem that great to everyone, portray their share of history and challenge, as their beauty and originality are not so easy to unveil. And with more than one hundred years of legacy, the Laurel Street Bridge´s architectural uniqueness will remain preserved in its entire visual splendor.

"In order for us to become who we want to be we may have to cross places that may not be so great", Slattery tells to one of the many visitors admiring this particular piece, as he explains that one of the secrets of uncovering masterpieces is the ability to change how one sees a landscape, a structure or a building. This is only possible when you really know what you want, and what Michael James Slaterry wants in life is to paint with light in the biggest canvas of them all – The World.

The Luminous Views Gallery is located in 1815 Fifth Ave,San Diego, CA 92101. It is open to the public by appointment.

You can contact Michael James Slaterry on social media thru his Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profiles.  

For more information on this print go to: https://www.luminous-views.com/products/bridge-to-the-museum-of-man

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