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List of images in my portfolio that have sold over 10%

Here is the list of images in my portfolio that have sold over 10% of either the canvas or photo edition. 

If you follow the link on each image in the list below you will notice the price of these images has been raised 50%. 

As of March 26, 2014 I have printed 3767 photo and canvas prints.  Just over 300 prints are currently in physical my inventory.

There is 104 images in my catalog.

So that means almost 4% of all the images I could ever print have been sold.  

I sold my first print in 2008

I want to say Thank You to those who found something in my work that allowed this to happen.


newport avenue (canvas)
boardwalk to crystal pier (canvas)
bridge to the museum of man (canvas)
north park sign (canvas)
oceanside pier (canvas)
encinitas sign (canvas)
from my roof on 22nd street (canvas)
from my roof again (canvas)
normal heights sign (canvas)
o.b. pier (canvas)
pier (canvas)
sunset cliffs (canvas)
downtown skyline (canvas)
del mar horse track (canvas)
little italy sign (canvas)
west mission bay drive (canvas)
museum of man and the old globe (canvas)

torrey pines (canvas) - over 20% sold
downtown from harbor island (canvas) - over 20% sold


little italy sign (museum mount)
o.b. pier (museum mount)
pier (museum mount)
del mar (museum mount)
north park sign (museum mount)
downtown skyline (museum mount)
downtown from harbor island (museum mount)
from my roof again (museum mount)
gaslamp sign (museum mount)
boardwalk to crystal pier (museum mount)
bridge to the museum of man (museum mount)
under scripps pier (museum mount)

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